Wednesday, March 11, 2015

L-O-S-I-N-G IT ------Maybe

My Blog, is not a traditional blog, per se.  I do not daily write pearls of wisdom for all to peruse and accept or reject.  If I did, it would definitely be all about Politics.  While I do have a lot to say regarding this Country and the current and future state of affairs, I know that neither I nor you have time in this life for that.

However, today I do choose to write!  Will wonders never cease?!? 

I wanted to say that I might just have found a diet, oh no  "Bad Word".  Rather, I found an eating/exercise pattern that I can follow that at the moment, anyway, is garnering results.

Believe you, me, it is not one a Doctor would approve,  Completely devised by me, it does not have normal diet type foods.  But it is working.  I am seeing results.  And while some of the foods might not be say the best for my Diabetes, I firmly believe the best thing for my Diabetes is LESS WEIGHT!

So anyway, this is what I am doing and I am not telling anyone so that they may follow my example.  This is only how I choose to do it.  And maybe a week or two down the road, it will cease working and this blog will have been for naught.

I started this Pattern on February 6th.  It is now March 10th and I have lost 14.5 pounds!

This is what I am doing and it really seems as though I am eating all the time.  I have not found myself to be hungry all the time.  Basically, I am pretty satisfied most of the time!  The Lose It App has been so very helpful to me.  That is where I log everything in, weight, calories, exercise, etc.  Food:  basically anything that I want.  If I want 2 blueberry pancakes for breakfast with butter and syrup that is what I have.  But I count all the calories and I abide by what I have available to me in the budget.  I even snack on 4 mini donuts at times. It is a lot of repetition day to day, but that does not bother me.  As long as I have a way to really know what the calories are I can account for them.  I also have a lot of sugar-free jello with bananas.  Exercise:  Lately, I have incorporated a little bit of exercise.  You can be sure that I am not hurting myself.  LOL  I am getting on the treadmll twice a day for 30 minutes each at a stride of 2.0.

But please tell me APP People, why when I have worked so hard and lost a few pounds why do you reward me with LESS CALORIES in my budget????

So I will keep this up and see where it takes me.  Hopefully, I will have much more to write.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cricut Expression & Personal Cutter Repair

Just what I needed to hear!

My husband, a retired Xerox Technician, fixed my Baby Bug or Personal Cricut that I had accidentally dumped on the floor.  (My husband kind of wondered if I had dumped it because I had wanted the new, at that time, Cricut Expressions machine.  LOL)

Well, he completely dismantled the whole thing, and I do mean completely.  He found that the carriage was completely thrown off of both the upper rail and lower rail.  It took and 18 inch crow bar, but he lifted the carriage back into place.

Yay!!! The machine turned on and the carriage was now able to slide right back to the starting position and the display and everything looked just fine.  We kind of though we were good to go!  NOT!

Well, we put the machine through the motions cutting some die-cuts.  Well it did not work.  The machine completely went through the process but nothing was cut at all.  It appeared that the needle housing was not going up an down as it  is supposed to.

So I really needed to see this You-Tube.  Thank you so much to the originator of this post!

Come to think of it...I am really wanting the Cricut Explore now!  Maybe it is time for my Expression to have an accident!  LOL  I am kidding!?!  Besides, he would only fix the Expression!!!